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Albury 2640

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Monday & Wednesday

9am to 5pm

Take charge of your life

Helen provides counselling to people who have

Mental Health Care Plans

If you wish to claim a Medicare rebate, you will need to obtain a Mental Health Care Plan referral from your GP. This referral entitles you to Medicare approved counselling as agreed by your GP.
Bulk billing may apply please refer to fees below.

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EAP (Employment Assistant Program)

Helen Pynta is an approved provider to offer EAP counselling.
If you qualify to access EAP from your employer you can request Helen to provide counselling for you. Mention Helen Pynta at the time of setting up your referral.

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NDIS & Aged Care Packages

Helen Pynta is highly skilled and qualified to provide counselling to anyone who is receiving NDIS Plans and Aged Care Package. Get in touch with Helen and provide her with the details of your provider and she will have a conversation with your Case Manager so that counselling can be offered to you.
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Helen Pynta is an approved and certified 
NSW SafeWork counsellor.
Referrals need to be made through your GP.



If you have a Mental Health Care Plan you will receive Medicare Rebate.
Please see Fees for further details.


 Telephone or Zoom Appointments are available at $140.00 per session.   The Medicare Rebate is $77.80 and your out of pocket expense is     $62.20. (approx)

If you hold a current Pension Concession Card or a Health Care Card you are eligible to be Bulk Billed.

Depressed man drinking alone at beer pub