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  • Since being at the Gardens Medical Group, I have referred many of my patients to Helen Pynta that have needed Mental Health counselling and support. I was confident that Helen would provide the help my patients needed, as Helen’s knowledge and experience in Mental Health is extensive. My patients’ feedback have always been a testament to her, as they’ve asked to keep being re-referred back to Helen. Helen has always supported my patients work through their current mental health conditions to an improved quality of life. I highly recommend Helen if you are looking for a counsellor who you can get help from.

           Dr M Quazi 

  • Over the past 4 or 5 years with receiving EAP counselling I wasn’t finding that I was able to ever relate to the counsellor that I was referred to, and I almost gave up hope of ever finding someone who I felt comfortable with. But when I was referred to Helen Pynta through EAP, I felt very comfortable knowing that Helen was able to help me through a very stressful period of my life. It’s very important to find a counsellor that you feel comfortable with. Once I did, through Helen, I was able to get the help I desperately needed.

          Deb M

  • I wanted to say how much Helen Pynta has helped me immensely getting through one of the toughest times in my life. With depression and anxiety, and feeling quite low, at times, and with a few family issues, I could rely on Helen to put me back in the right track. The sessions were all about me, and she was very considerate about how I was feeling. The strategies I was given absolutely helped and will be with me for a long time. Just wanted to say a huge thank you to Helen, as  I feel I still have some work to do for myself,  but I also feel now I’m starting to get back on the right track.

          Darren M

  • Every time I need help I come back to Helen Pynta, ten years on and off. Helen’s MY SAFETY NET!!
    Brett S
  • Over the eight years of receiving counselling from Helen Pynta, she has really helped me and I’ve always felt better after my appointment. I feel comfortable to keep seeing Helen for that reason.
    Mark F


  • After four years of counselling with Helen Pynta, I can only be very grateful to the Doctor who referred me to her.  Using Medicare’s ‘Mental Health Plan’, Helen was able to offer counselling on a regular basis. I have found her comfortable to talk with, about anything. She is relaxed, approachable and someone I trust. Throughout the Pandemic, the sessions have continued over the phone. Overall, I’ve received professional supportive counselling and guidance that I’ve needed. Something that I’m so grateful for.

         Barbara S